Friday, May 13, 2016

ivf/icsi #2 - its tomorrow!

Inshaallah esok Egg Collection day! I need all the positivitys I can get hehe. Malam semalam tepat 9.30pm Ummi buat final shot ie OVIDREL. Utk pecahkan telur. Eggs should be collected within 36-38hours after that.

The thing about my 2nd TVS scan last Wednesday was my left ovary didn't respond to the drugs. They even measure the ovary size, indicates that they can visualize the 'empty' ovary. Sigh. Whilst my right ovary shown 4 follicles alhamdulillah. Though not much I have to keep on being positive that at least one of it is of SUPERHIGH QUALITY  egg that can go through fertilization and sustain the whole 9-months pregnancy. Well you only need ONE kan. The size? 21, 20, 13 and 9mm. Prolly 2 at the right size.

Walaupun Ummi sebenarnya target 2nd IVF ni utk dptkan frosties juga, tapi at this stage, even if ONE EMBRYO made it, i'll be over the moon! Allah knows best.

So esok jam 9am kena ada kat MAC clinic. Doakan ya ladies. HUGSSSS


  1. sending u positive vibe ummi..... All the best!

  2. thnks ladies!. Alhamdulillah ada 4 folikel retrieved as expected. masa nak balik tu staff mac kata 2 telur yg ada. so tggu klinik call hari isnin (today!) utk updates. neves. doakan yg terbaik ya :)


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